Lets be honest here. Creating this Blog is something we have been longing to do, due to the outreach of Destinations and Events capacity that we have been fortunate to developed. Being a Destination Planner literally means using a destination (any Destination for that matter) and incorporating fresh new unconventional ideas that eventually facilitate a fresh breath of air into the tourism landscape for that particular Destination.

In mid-2009, we presented a Destination-marketing proposal to the ASEAN (Association of South East Asia Nations) Secretariat based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and were applauded for such an initiative. We have now been fully-sanctioned and endorsed by the ASEAN Deputy Secretary General to implement, undertake and execute 15 Events, all of which would be held within 10 Member Countries regionally and showcased globally.

As such is our propensity to create this Blog and generate as much attention, awareness,  publicity  and promotion for the 15 Events and help put ASEAN onto the global stage from a tourism perspective.

To launch such an undertaking, the ASEAN Tourism Games 2010 will be taking place on Tuan Chau Island, Vietnam in October 2010, and the ASEAN Tourist Guide Challenge 2011 will take place on the Island of Bali, Indonesia in February 2011.

All updates and event’s contents will be placed at this Blog soon enough.

Feel free to share your ideas, inputs and any other contributions…




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